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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

New Music - Chimp Beams

I saw these guys a couple of months ago in BK and haven't been able to get them out of my ear or head...Amazing! Here's a little bit about the band...Enjoi!

Chimp Beams are an electronic dub trio formed in 2001 by 3 Japanese men, Marihito, K-Go Mizutani and Yusuke Yamamoto who all live in Brooklyn, NY. Their concept is chill out dance music using break beats, vibraphones, guitar and many other live instruments played on top. Having been influenced by Massive Attack and My Bloody Valentine, they mix dub, jazz, rock, techno, rare groove, soul, funk and ethnic music by their own interpretation. Their sound is very hypnotic and psychedelic. The 3 members bring together disparate backgrounds to create a unique Chimp Beams sound. Chimp Beams are releasing the US version of their ambitious second album, Menina, having already released it to critical acclaim in Japan earlier this year. The title track, Menina, is a club hit, with the 12.. EP quickly selling out and causing a ruckus in the record stores. Filled with melodic, harmonic songs, the new full length also has two hip-hop tracks. It's been 2 years since NY..s Japanese group Chimp Beams released a milestone album ..Vibrato.. into the world dub scene in 2004. This electronic dub band will release its second album in the spring of 2007. As you can hear on the title track ..Menina.., they push the melodious and emotional side to the limit rather than their first album..s dark chill out sound. Soft and warm harmonies meet deep underground beats on this historic masterpiece. Though you can definitely call this the world of ..Chimp Beams dub,.. they..ll prove you wrong if you think this is just a dub band. Recommended for fans of Electronica, Break Beats, Jazz, Hip Hop and House music as well.

Here are some photos for you:

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invisable b said...

do they have a web site or myspace to hear the music