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Friday, February 22, 2008

For the Love of Art

Okay I'm back after a short hiatus...I wanted to take time today to inform everyone(who is not already in the park) about a show tonight! It is at the Art Whino Art Gallery in Alexandria, VA...Wait I want to talk alittle about this gallery....I stumbled upon this gallery while riding my bike(bicycle)...This gallery embodies the kind of comradely that most of us should have with our families...It has over 113 artist from all over the world. It supports artist of all caliber with a high regard for the work displayed....They also have Art classes for that artist who may question how talented they really... you can find out more about Art Whino from their links listed..ArtWhino ...myspace.com/artwhino ...The artist featured tonight is Joka...His work is very astounding to me! I like the messages that are in his work...it's like he's talking but through his work..I know it sounds weird but I'm weird and maybe you're weird so come out tonight and if not tonight stop by the gallery I'm sure you won't be disappointed...You can find out more about this artist at Joka444 ...Photobucket
come back and view the pics from the show...

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micah said...

you want me to pick you up man? I swear I won't crash into anyhting this time (we'll wear seatbelts just in case)