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Monday, March 17, 2008

Coup d' etat - "Live to change Something"

All I want to say is Coup d' etat! Humans like these exemplify hope to our younger generation...Take note...Love what the cats are doing...Read on....Enjoi!

coup d'etat, BROOKLYN is a graphically-bold design company based in Bed-Stuy whose philosophy follows one simple rule: "live to change something." The brand's founders, Daoud Abeid & Rasu Jilani, created the t-shirt line to manifest visual ideas and life philosophies into eye-catching designs that people, no matter their creed, can truly feel.
The term 'coup d'etat' means a (sudden) blow (or strike) to a state, in French, is synonymous with an aggressive overthrow of an establishment. coup d'etat Brooklyn has embraced this as a brand concept as we aim to "change" the current "state" of urban fashion.Coup d'etat Brookly IRT Promo

Sunshowah's "Eye Jammy" profile by IRT


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