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Thursday, March 13, 2008

And these are the days of our Lives...

Sorry about the gap in "Stories told through a lens", but I've been people watching and watching this oil situation. Now while the world is engulfed in this election the price of gas is jumping out the window...literally! As we look to electing a new president we are encountering more and more problems economically, socia...forget that! I call it "Social Engineering"...I got the term from a friend just listening to him talk and thought about the word....Everything starts somewhere?...Let's look at it for a moment shall we...

Here is what I call the day of the average (over 50%) working human being:

  • first we wake up with work from yesterday on the mind.
  • then we get the kid(s) up and ready for school (depending on age of course)
  • then we get ourselves ready for work
  • then drop the kid(s) off to their destination(keep in mind your now from the house to the car)
  • then we go to work
  • Oh this is the 9-5pm(very rare)parent's day...
  • now we get off work and go pick up the kids
  • hopefully they have after school programs where you live but where I'm from..Not!
  • Then somebody(mother or father) picks up the kids and hopefully food is ready and everyone can eat and get ready for the next day...whew!

Now if there are only 24 hrs in a day and 8hrs are spent at work(this is standard) and 8hrs are spent sleeping(told to us by a doctor)...(Insert scratch of the head here)..How are we suppose to eat right, exercise, visit family, take a vacation, go to your kids soccer match, spend time with your spouse, go vote and everything that we have no control over all in 8hrs? because that's all that's left of the day...Ahhh and let's not forget working overtime and being a single parent...

Okay if I've lost you..I started with the word Social Engineering...all that I wrote above stems from US following everything and not questioning anything. Us excepting and not communicating. Us thinking we are working together and US not really working together. US being greedy. US not sharing. US being a bully. US eating everything we need for US to exist..(That's my favorite!). US looking for some other US to take care of our problems.

At the end of the day it is US who causes all the pain, suffering,anxieties, economic woes, political woes and family woes. Hey! but I'm not shocked at this, We let US (magazine) run our lives! (laughing out loud)

And this oil situation is because of US! All you fans of the election please take a look at the price of the food...And my view didn't come from a book, a movie or any other form of man made visual conception...It came from me paying attention and questioning everything! Thanks for reading! feel free to leave a comment if you like...Now back to taking photos.

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PoetryVixen said...

we just had this conversation... and you know i am in agreement totally.

"c'mon Shelley!" LMAO