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Monday, March 3, 2008

Creative Criss Cross - CCC

This company embodies what the world should incorporate. Why find out how to do something and not share it with everyone else? Think about it if we would share some of the ways we have done things to achieve the success, money or whatever it is you chase, we might not have as much violence because everybody is gettin it...Thank You Creative Criss Cross! Oh you don't know about CCC okay read on..http://www.myspace.com/creativecrisscross & http://www.creativecrisscross.com

About Creative Criss Cross
Mission Statement: To highlight the need for creatives to invest in the livelihood of fellow creatives by employing each other, supporting each other's businesses, and exchanging services.

About Creative Criss Cross: Creative Criss Cross (CCC) is a movement designed to redistribute wealth amongst the creative community. Many of creatives are unable to fully support themselves financially through their passions. Creative Criss Cross aims to redress this balance by creating a space where people can congregate, network and share/exchange services, ideas and information. Creative Criss Cross is committed to facilitating a new time in the creative landscape; a time when people can fully support themselves through doing what they love and what they're best at. You don't have to be a creative in order to be a member of the community, but you have to be down for the cause.

Creative Criss Cross is committed to:
promoting and showcasing Creative Criss Cross members' talents
organizing events to showcase Creative Criss Cross members, which Creative Criss Cross members are invited to support
sharing information with Creative Criss Cross members to educate, inspire and encourage
publicising the successes of Creative Criss Cross members, as well as the productive relationships built between Creative Criss Cross members
fundraising with the intention of reinvesting funds into Creative Criss Cross member businesses/careers
maintaining the Creative Criss Cross website and myspace sites, ensuring that they are accessible and informative
publicising the successes of Creative Criss Cross members, as well as the productive relationships built by Creative Criss Cross members
offering any sponsorship/advertising opportunities to Creative Criss Cross members first
accepting donations, which will then be used to sponsor Creative Criss Cross member businesses and/or events
producing merchandise for sale and reinvesting profits into Creative Criss Cross member businesses and careers
spreading the word about the Creative Criss Cross (Triple C) movement
signed...CCC ♥

Oh let's not forget about what is taking place this month!!! Oh boy! If you want to network in an environment that suits your individualism this is it....
Showcase Wednesday is the ish!

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